Recipe Calculator


Functionality, that your readers will love!

The 1-click option for customizing the portions of your recipes and instantly recalculating the needed ingredients.

Features: Responsive, Interactive, Structured data markup, available in 6 Languages

Recipe Calculator will make the life of your visitors much easier, when they want to cook less (or more) portions than the default, given in a recipe.  For you it can be a very powerful tool for increasing the returning visitors on your website, because… well, no one likes calculating.

Wouldn’t you prefer coming back to a website, that provides you with 1-click option for customizing the portions of your favorite meal and instantly recalculating the ingredients for you?
Without losing time in calculations, you can prepare dinner for the friends, you have invited over this weekend.

And, if your visitors are like me – such that can’t cook and have to follow very strict every recipe they want to prepare, otherwise the result is total disaster – they will love you for having this functionality on your website!

My intention, creating this plugin was to help you serve your visitors better – in a way that they will truly appreciate, and stay your loyal fans.

Recipe Calculator helps you deliver great experience to your users throughout all screens – mobile, tablet and desktop.

It lets the user change the amount of portions in 1 click and automatically recalculates the amount of ingredients needed for the preparation of a recipe.

When the user clicks or taps on an ingredient that they already have, it changes its opacity. This makes it easy to see the ingredients they have to add.

Since version 1.0.7 you can add nutrients for each recipe. Nutrients you have added will be calculated per portion as well.

Structured data markup
If your WordPress theme uses Structured data markup for Recipes, Recipe Calculator comes ready with microdata markup for the following fields from recipeYield, recipeIngredient and recipeInstructions.

It also supports microformats2 h-recipe with the following class names: p-yield, p-ingredient and e-instructions.

Recipe Calculator is currently available in English, Dutch, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian.

To experience it yourself, click on Preview below.