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Go to Admin Dashboard screen -> Plugins and choose Add New from the menu. Up in the screen click on Upload Plugin button. Then click Choose file and navigate to the folder, containing the WP User Favorite Posts plugin in your computer (wp-user-favorite-posts.zip).

Select the zip file and click Install Now button. After this on your screen will appear that plugin was installed successfully.

Click on “Activate Plugin”. Your plugin is now installed and active.

Customizing the plugin

After activating the plugin, WP User Favorite Posts appears by default before content on your single post. To change these options go to Customizer (Appearance->Customize) and click on WP User Favorite Posts. There you will see the following screen:

Display options are explained in detail in the next section. Here are you can override here the default values.

Display Options

Where do you prefer to display WP User Favorite Posts in your theme? There are 2 options you can choose from: Before Content, or Manual – where you will have to manually specify where exactly you want the WP User Favorite Posts to be displayed in your posts.

– Before content option will automatically add the WP User Favorite Posts before the content of your single (custom type) post(s), specified under Post type(s).

– If you choose the manual option, you have to insert the following code in your single.php or in the template file where your posts are displayed. If you use custom post type for posting your posts: single-{post_type}.php.

//Include WP User Favorite Posts
if(‘wufp_manual’ === get_theme_mod(‘show_wufp_in_post’)){

For example: If your WordPress theme uses custom post type for displaying reccipes, called recipe, then the file for displaying single posts, should be called single-recipe.php

– Sign In page url is the url of the page where users can sign in on the front-end of your website. Under Sign in page url – copy and paste the Login page url. When user is not logged in, clicking on the heart icon will redirect them to this page, so they can login and like the post.

Usage Instructions

After you activate the plugin, new page template will be available under Page templates called User Favorite Posts .

Create new page and assign this template to it. After that, you can add it to a menu on the frontend. Here will be shown all User Favorite Posts.

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