Recipe Calculator


Functionality, that your readers will love!

The 1-click option for customizing the portions of your recipes and instantly recalculating the needed ingredients.

Ingredients for4portionsportionportions:

  • 4

    Chicken fillet

    Chicken fillets

  • 1000ml


  • 2

    Medium onion

    Medium onions

  • 1000g


  • 200g


  • 300ml

    Crème fraîche

  • 800ml


Recipe Calculator will make the life of your visitors much easier, when they want to cook less (or more) portions than the default, given in a recipe. For you it can be a very powerful tool for increasing the returning visitors on your website, because… well, no one likes calculating.

It lets the user change the amount of portions in 1 click and automatically recalculates the amount of ingredients needed for the preparation of a recipe.

When the user clicks or taps on an ingredient that they already have, it changes its opacity. This makes it easy to see the ingredients they have to add.

If your WordPress theme uses Structured data markup for Recipes, Recipe Calculator comes ready with microdata markup for the following fields from recipeYield, recipeIngredient and recipeInstructions.

It also supports microformats2 h-recipe with the following class names: p-yield, p-ingredient and e-instructions.

Unlock the full potential of Recipe Calculator.

With the full version you get:
– up to 7 times lighter plugin;
– you can include it after the content, via a shortcode or to specify manually where you want it to be included in your theme;
– you can choose between metric and english measurement units;
– ability to separate the ingredients for different parts of the recipe (sauce, dough, etc.);
– the plugin is avaliable in more languages (Dutch, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian);
– you can add instructions for each recipe and more.