Trigger Lead Magnets from an image in your sidebar

Get more newsletter subscribers, with offering your readers a free PDF file (book) in return of their email address. Use Lead Magnets to add an image (book cover), that triggers your MailPoet subscription form on click. Instead of text, that triggers the Lead Magnets pop-up, in this tutorial you will learn how to use it with an image, added to your sidebar. Let’s say you have written a small free PDF book that you want to offer to your readers against a subscription to your newsletter. You can create a new MailPoet subscription form and list of subscribers, that you will use for the autoresponder email. Then everyone, signed up for this list will receive your free book automatically after subscribing (and after they have confirmed their subscription).

Replacing the standard “Download” link with an image

Below are the standard shortcodes, generated by Lead Magnets: the link, where the user has to click to trigger the Lead Magnet pop-up and the shortcode of the popup with MailPoet subscription form and some customizable text in it.
[lead-magnet]Download …[/lead-magnet][lead-magnet-popup title="Subscribe to unlock ..." subtitle="Where I can send ...?" spam_statement="I hate spam too, so I will never send such to you!" close="No, thanks"] [wysija_form id="12"] [/lead-magnet-popup]
In order to display an image of the book cover you offer against newsletter subscription, we will replace the “Download …” text with the image HTML tag and image url in it:
[lead-magnet]<img src=”×0.png” alt=”Book cover” width=”118″ height=”224″ />[/lead-magnet]
Below is a working example in post (Click on the image to trigger the Lead Magnets pop-up): Book cover

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 I hate spam too, so I will never send such to you!

Adding the image to your theme sidebar in WordPress

To be able to show the Lead Magnet shortcode in your theme sidebar, you have to install the latest version of Lead Magnets plugin. To add an image that triggers Lead Magnets pop-up from the sidebar of your WordPress theme all you have to do is copy/paste the shortcode into a Text widget and include it in your sidebar. Go to Appearance -> Widgets in your WordPress admin and drag a Text widget to your sidebar area. Add a title and paste the shortcodes into the content area: You are ready to rock! ?? If you haven’t downloaded Lead Magnets yet – here is a link: Share this post, it might be helpful to your friends. Thank you!